The Cyber Huntsville Mission

Cyber Huntsville, a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization made up of Industry, Government and Academic institutions that are dedicated to making Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley region a Nationally and Internationally recognized Cyber leader. In doing this, we focus on building on Huntsville recognized talent pools and experience in the areas of Systems Engineering, Research and Development, Modeling and Simulation, Cyber Security, Experimentation, and Test and Evaluation.

Cyber Huntsville’s Mission Focus Includes:

  • Advocating For The Tennessee Valley Region To Be Known As A Cyber Center Of Excellence
  • Coordinating And Integrating Community’s Cyber Activities
  • Communicating Cyber Information Across The Tennessee Valley Region
  • Promoting Cyber Economic Development Across The Tennessee Valley Region
  • Providing the Catalyst To Initiate And Build A World- Class Cyber Workforce And Cyber
  • Capabilities In The Tennessee Valley Region
  • Supporting Cyber Resiliency In The Tennessee Valley Region

Cyber Huntsville is funded by our membership and our profits from joint sponsorship of the annual Cyber Summit. We need your help. Please join us in growing the greater Tennessee into an unmatched Center of Cyber Excellence.


In 2010, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle started a conversation among government, industry, and academic leaders about leveraging Huntsville’s technical expertise and leadership to help with the local, regional, and national cyber challenge. In August of 2010 Mayor Battle formally announced the start of the Cyber Huntsville initiative, and since that time we have been creating cyber progress for the Tennessee Valley. Cyber Huntsville has co-sponsored two cyber security summits.