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Nominations for Cyber Huntsville Annual Awards

The 11th Annual National Cyber Summit will be held 4-6 June 2019, with a dazzling celebratory ceremony, held at the Von Braun Center, Huntsville AL. The awards founded in 2008 reward the best individuals, teams and companies within the cyber security industry.  Excellence and innovation are core themes, throughout all categories. With independent, industry leading judges, all participants are awarded solely on merit.  

 Now a highly coveted award, the ceremony itself has grown to reflect more participants than years pass.  Entertainment and celebration is always key to the Cyber Security Awards and the focus is on making sure everyone that attends thoroughly enjoys the evening. The award ceremony is a platform to showcase your achievements to the business world.  An opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge, and raise your credibility among industry and peers.


  • Nominations are open for Global CIOs, Group CIOs, CIOs, Head – IT, VP –IT, Director – IT, Head – Information Security, Head – Cyber Security, GM – IT, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Privacy Officer, etc.
  • Industry peers can nominate themselves or on behalf of their colleagues


  • A total of 2 winners will be selected by the judges following a thorough evaluation of the nominations.
  • The judges panel comprises of the most recognized and experienced IT veterans and business leaders, who can truly validate and evaluate all the nominations received – through their wisdom, experience, specialization and vast knowledge.

To nominate someone, download the forms and email the to: info@cyberhuntsville.org

Deadline for submissions is COB May 24th! 

Awards will be presented at the National Cyber Summit,

Evening Reception - Pub Crawl on June 4th at the

Von Braun Center, South Hall.

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