Overview of Committees

Cyber Huntsville leadership supports the Cyber Huntsville mission through five committees: Capabilities, Economic Development, Education, Marketing, and Research and Development. To read more about the committees, click the link next each description below.


The Capabilities Committee is responsible for collecting and analyzing data to assist the Economic Development Committee in strategy formulation. The overall goal of the committee is to maintain an accurate picture of where we excel as a community, and where we need to grow in order to meet future needs.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee...


The Education Committee is responsible for awarding scholarships to students, developing and conducting educational outreach and presenting programs (such as the table top exercises) for middle and high school students, promoting collaboration between Alabama 2 and 4 year colleges and promoting education programs for Huntsville industries and the general Huntsville community.


The Cyber Huntsville Marketing committee is currently a committee of one with support from other partners within the Cyber Huntsville membership. This committee is focused on expanding its membership and capability in the short-term to include the skill sets necessary for both traditional, internet, and social media channels. The committee’s primary mission is to support Cyber Huntsville in its overall vision and goals for the organization. We will do so through marketing channels to promote and highlight events under Cyber Huntsville. In addition, the marketing committee will reach out to other organizations throughout the Southeast to develop cross-promotional opportunities within the cyber community.

Research and Development

The Research and Development Committee ...