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Cyber Huntsville Leadership

Executive Committee

Kim King



Jamie Miller

Executive Vice President


 Larry Burger

Senior Vice President of Operations


Chris Patty

Vice President of Finance


Judy Darwin

Vice President of National Cyber Summit


Nichole O'Brien

Vice President of Outreach


Shane Hammett

Vice President of Initiatives / Government Affairs


Chuck Speaks

Vice President of Economic Development


Dan Lambert

Vice President of Education / Workforce Development


Gary Anglin

Vice President of Advisory Council


Shelly Amanik

Board Secretary


Board of Directors

Ben Denton  |  Director Exercises   

Angela Pounders  |  Director Events  

Nick Thomas  |  Director Marketing  

Graham Foster  |  Director Membership 

Nick Agrawal  |  Director Education  

Cynthia Crutchfield  |  Director Workforce Development

Rodney Robertson  |  Director Government Affairs

Government Representatives

Bill Steiner  |  City of Huntsville Government Representative

Deputy Directors

Forrest Carver  |  Deputy Exercises

Brianna Fannin  |  Deputy Events

Cinda Feagan  |  Deputy Marketing   

Darius Craig  |  Deputy Membership 

Darren Waldrep  |  Deputy Education  

Tommy Morris  |  Deputy Education 

Rich Russell  |  Deputy Economic Development 

Joanna Centola  |  Deputy Summit  

Joe Paschall  |  Deputy Summit

Gerald King  |  Deputy Advisory Council   

Chris Bush  |  Deputy Advisory Council

Robert Goldsmith  |  Deputy Advisory Council 

Ben McGee  |  Deputy Workforce Development

Bill Steiner  |  Local Government Representative

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