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Cyber Huntsville Announces Rebranding!

Tuesday, May 09, 2023 3:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Cyber Huntsville, an organization started in 2010, dedicated to connecting and networking cybersecurity companies in North Alabama, is excited to announce its 2023 rebranding. The organization has grown steadily in membership, now representing the area’s largest network of cybersecurity companies and professionals. The new branding image will help to position the organization for continued growth and success as well as a solid stance on the importance of its mission moving forward.

"We are thrilled to announce our rebranding for Cyber Huntsville," said Cyber Huntsville's President, Jamie Miller. "We have been in the business of connecting cybersecurity companies in North Alabama for over a decade and we want our branding to reflect our growth. With this rebranding, we hope to showcase our commitment to cyber resilience, safety, and supporting the security missions of our constituent organizations as well as the entire United States."

In August of 2010, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, formally announced the start of the Cyber Huntsville initiative, and since that time we have been creating cyber progress for the Tennessee Valley. Cyber Huntsville has co-sponsored cybersecurity summits, established economic development roundtables, and created cyber curricula and summer camps for local city and county school systems. Our sustaining members are vital to our long-term financial stability and provide tremendous insight and guidance benefiting our initiatives.

Original Branding:

The original logo was inspired by the common emblems found within government agencies and contractors with the name in the center and the supported organizations surrounding it. A torch blazed in the background, a symbol to gather and be a beacon to the community. However, with the growth of the city and the organization, a rebrand of the logo and website was initiated in Q1 of 2023.

New Branding:

The fonts were consolidated and modernized as well as the introduction of medium and dark blue. While the overall aesthetic of a badge remains unchanged, there are two major editions to the emblem.

In the center, the shield and lock represent how Cyber Huntsville is a protective, secure, and driving force in creating cyber resilience for the Tennessee Valley. A combined shield and lock represent the modern and future need for layered protection. The zeroes and ones on the shield are the basic computer programming language for the word “SECURE.”

To further align with the traditions of military and organization emblems, Cyber Huntsville has also adopted the Latin phrase, “Defendit Numerus.” Translated, it means “there is safety in numbers.” This phrase provides a subtle yet strong duality to the industry of cybersecurity. This organization was founded to gather the cyber forces of North Alabama - “numbers” of people. Additionally, the literal safety of our community is in the “numbers” that are managed every day – the data and code that all members protect so diligently. Cyber Huntsville’s mission is to support those people and organizations, as well as empower them with greater skills and resources to perform their critical missions.

The members and community may also start to see a smaller, reduced version of the logo. While the emblem carries layers of meaning, it was also needed to produce a more versatile and consolidated version of Cyber Huntsville that can scale to smaller sizes.

One final branding touch that website users may notice is the website now follows a “dark mode” aesthetic, a popular setting in the programming community.

The rebranding marks a new chapter for Cyber Huntsville as it continues to connect and network cybersecurity companies in North Alabama. Members can expect a continued offering of networking services and unparalleled service that will exceed their expectations for years to come. This effort will continue to uphold North Alabama as a cyber capital of the United States, a shield and lock that defends its people digitally and diligently.

If you're looking to connect with the cybersecurity community in North Alabama, Cyber Huntsville can help. Visit the organization's website at to learn more about its services and mission.

This rebranding was managed in partnership with Cyber Huntsville leadership as well as a Huntsville marketing agency, a member of Cyber Huntsville. Any requests for logos or additional information on the rebranding effort, please contact us via the website or our respective social media on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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