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Cyber Huntsville Announces New Board Members and Promotions!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 9:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Cyber Huntsville is pleased to announce our 8 new board members and 8 promotions for 2024!

The Cyber Huntsville Board’s mission is to promote the advancement of cyber and technology in Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley. Cyber Huntsville is a 501c6 non-profit organization made up of industry, government, and academic institutions, whose collective technical expertise and leadership help solve local, regional, and national cyber challenges.

Executive Committee:

·        Larry Burger, Executive President – Promotion

·        Nichole O'Brien, Executive Vice President - Promotion

·        Ian Clark, Senior Vice President of Operations (Exercises/Econ Dev/Govt Affairs) – Promotion

·        Brianna Fannin, Vice President of Outreach - Promotion

·        Nisheeth Agrawal, Vice President of Education/Workforce Development

·        Marc Sachs, Vice President of Advisory Council - Promotion

·        Judy Darwin, Vice President of National Cyber Summit

·        Chris Patty, Vice President of Finance/Treasurer

·        Courtenay Marra, Secretary


·        Shelly Amanik, Director Events (Outreach) – Lateral Move

·        Rachel Smith, Director Marketing (Outreach) – Promotion

·        Andrew Carlson, Director Membership (Outreach) – New!

·        Chance Hill, Director of Advisory Council - New!

·        James Gatewood, Director Exercises (Ops) - Promotion

·        Matt Osborne, Director Workforce Development

·        Rodney Robertson, Director Government Affairs (Ops)

·        Kris Lamb, Director Economic Development (Ops) - Promotion

·        Darren Waldrep, Director Education

Deputy Directors:

·        Forrest Carver, Deputy Exercises (Ops) – New!

·        Greg Gaddy, Deputy Workforce Development

 ·       Joe DiNoto, Deputy Government Affairs

·        Keil Oliver, Deputy Economic Development – New!

·        Stephen Pratt, Deputy National Cyber Summit – New!

·        Philomena Compton, Deputy Education

·        Jason Fickett, Deputy Advisory Council - New!

·        Sheila McFerran, Deputy Events (Outreach)

·        Andrew Blackwell, Deputy Membership (Outreach) - New!

·        Portia Waite, Deputy Marketing (Outreach) – New!

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